Notary Public Services – Identification Notarial Certificate

Notary Certificate to prove your identity

Notary public services can help you when proving your identity is a challenge, especially if you have ‘multiple’ identities or identification documents.

Here are some common reasons why you might require this service:

  • You hold citizenship in different countries
  • You are known by different names formally or informally
  • You have a married name and maiden name
  • Your name has been translated from a different (non-English) language
  • Your name appears in different ways or sequences on different identification documents

Proving your identity can have an added challenge whenever you are not physically present in the country in which you need to prove your identity. However, there is a simple solution. You can engage the services of a notary public to identify you in a way that is recognised and acceptable in that country.

Identification Notarial Certificate

An identification notarial certificate or a notary certificate confirming your identity may be the most practical and legally accepted way to prove your identity in another country overseas, especially if you are not able to be physically present in that country to be identified.

Law and conventions between countries differ, so it is important to check whether the intended destination country will recognise and accept a notary certificate. If so, you may also need to check on the following requirements regarding:

  • Form or format. Different countries use different forms and formats for their legal documents. They may also have different conventions regarding signing (or requiring finger/thumb prints).
  • Language requirements of the certificate. Some countries recognise multiple languages while others will only recognise a few or one language. Make sure the document is written in the right language, and if not, then be translated in a way that is acceptable in the intended destination country.
  • Legalisation by authentication or apostille. Depending on whether the intended destination country recognises an apostille, you may need to allow for processing times through various government departments in addition to the notarisation.
  • The cost of any registration process in the intended destination country. Knowing what process and cost to expect in the intended destination country will avoid any unwanted surprises.

Taking some of these basic precautions and following the correct process and procedures will prevent unwelcome surprises or rejection. If time is critical, because the documents are time sensitive or the situation demands urgency, then you cannot afford any delays and you need to have confidence that your document will be available on demand.

Generally, to obtain an identification notarial certificate, you must physically present yourself before the notary public, provide satisfactory photographic and other identification to confirm your identity, and pay the notary fees. If the notary certificate must be legalised by authentication or apostille through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) you will need to allow additional processing times.

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