China – Notarise Evidence of Visa Status in Australia

WARNING. The Chinese Embassy, the Chinese Consulate (and its other foreign offices) will reject documents that contain copies of the Chinese Passport or any other document issued by the Chinese Government or authority, even if they have been certified and notarised by a notary public in Australia.

警告。 中国大使馆、中国领事馆(和其他驻外使团)将拒绝包含中国护照复印件或中国政府或当局签发的任何其他文件的文件,即使这些文件已经过澳大利亚公证人的认证和公证。

Proving that you’re living in Australia / 证明你住在澳大利亚


If you’re not an Australian citizen and you don’t have an Australian passport, your ability to enter and remain in Australia depends on your visa. If you have an Australian visa, one way to prove your visa status is through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

如果您不是澳大利亚公民并且不持有澳大利亚护照,您进入和留在澳大利亚的能力取决于您的签证。 有时您可能需要证明您的签证身份,一种方法是通过在线签证权利验证 (VEVO)。

Previously, if you had an Australian visa, it was printed as a label and stuck to one of the pages of your passport. Visas are now recorded electronically. The VEVO visa records are available online to you, the visa holder, and to authorised third parties, such as employers. Anyone with VEVO access can confirm your visa status as well as any other entitlements or restrictions associated with your visa.

以前,如果你有澳大利亚签证,它会被打印成标签并贴在护照的一页上。 现在,签证以电子方式记录。 您、签证持有人和授权的第三方(例如雇主)可以在线获取签证记录,以确认您的签证状态以及与您的签证相关的任何其他权利或限制。

How can we help you? / 我们该怎样帮助你?

We provide notary public services to verify your Australian visa status in China. We can help you by:

  • Notarising your VEVO certificate and other associated documents (such as Visa Grant Notices)
  • Arranging for authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT); and
  • Legalising with the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate.

我们提供公证服务。 如果您必须在中国证明您的澳大利亚签证身份,我们可以协助您:

  1. 您的 VEVO 证书和其他相关文件的公证(例如签证授予通知)
  2. 澳大利亚外交贸易部 (DFAT) 的认证; 和
  3. 与中国大使馆或中国领事馆合法化。

With our notarisation services, we verify that your VEVO certificate (or Visa Grant Notice) is a true printed copy of the original electronic document and that the information is consistent with the records held by the Australian Government (as confirmed by VEVO). After your VEVO certificate has been notarised, then it can be authenticated by DFAT.

通过公证服务,我们验证您的 VEVO 证书(或签证授予通知)是原始电子文件的真实打印副本,并且文件中包含的信息与澳大利亚政府持有的记录相符(经 VEVO 确认)。 一旦您的 VEVO 证书经过公证,它就可以由 DFAT 进行认证。

Authentication by DFAT is a necessary step in the process before submitting it to the relevant foreign representative office. If you live in New South Wales, as many of our clients do, then after your visa documents have been notarised and authenticated by DFAT, they must be legalised by the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. Your documents will likely be rejected if you send them to the Chinese Embassy in Canberra or to another Chinese Consulate in another state.

在将其提交给相关外国代表处之前,DFAT 的认证是流程中的必要步骤。 如果您和我们很多居住在新南威尔士州的客户一样,您的签证文件经过DFAT公证和认证后,还必须经过中国驻悉尼领事馆的合法化。 如果您将文件发送到中国驻堪培拉大使馆或其他州的中国领事馆,您的文件可能会被拒绝。

Important advice regarding your VEVO certificate/关于您的 VEVO 证书的重要建议

If you’re relying on your VEVO certificate, then it must be the version of your VEVO certificate obtained through your own personal portal. The VEVO certificate obtained by third parties (like the version available to us to verify your visa status) contains ‘vague’ information which can be incorrectly interpreted and rejected by the Chinese Consulate. For example, if you’re a Chinese citizen on a permanent visa, the version of your VEVO certificate available to us and other authorised third parties will show your visa status as “permanent resident or citizen” While you may want to prove that you’re a permanent citizen, this statement creates other complications if the Consulate suspects you have taken Australian citizenship. AVOID THIS.

如果您依赖您的 VEVO 证书,则它必须是您通过自己的个人门户获得的 VEVO 证书的版本。 第三方获得的 VEVO 认证(例如我们可以用来验证您的签证状态的版本)包含“模糊”信息,可能会被中国领事馆误解并被拒绝。 例如,如果您是持有永久签证的中国公民,我们和其他授权第三方可用的您的 VEVO 证书版本将显示您的签证状态为“永久居民或公民”。 虽然您可能想证明您是永久公民,但如果领事馆怀疑您已获得澳大利亚公民身份,则此声明会产生其他问题。 避免这种情况。

The VEVO certificate obtained through your own personal portal does not contain this kind of statement – or at least does not suggest that you are an Australian citizen.

通过您自己的个人门户网站获得的 VEVO 证书不包含此类声明 – 或者至少不声明您是澳大利亚公民。

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