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Do I need to bring the document myself or I can send someone else?

Depends on whether your signature on the document needs to be witnessed by the notary public, or the notary public just needs to certify a copy of the document.

If your document bears your signature, and your signature needs to be witnessed by a notary public then you must attend in person with the document and sign the document in the presence of the notary public.

If your document is an original document and you only require a certified true copy of that document to be notarised, then you may send someone else. Whoever attends our office will still need to bring their personal photograph identification (ie, Australian drivers licence or passport) to verify their identity for our records.

FAQs for documents requiring notary public services

If you have questions regarding documents for your intended destination country, please review the frequently asked questions here or call our office on 02 9687 8885 to speak to our notary public.