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Do you have any templates for what the document needs to look like or the wording?

Yes, and no. Different countries use different documents (and wordings), so we are unable to provide a ‘standard’ template that can be used for all countries and in all situations.

There are many forms of templates for different documents available on the internet, and even though many clients use these forms successfully, the internet can often be an unreliable source of information.

Where can I find templates for the documents that I need?

The standing advice is to have your documents prepared by your lawyer in the intended destination country to ensure that it will be legally valid and acceptable according to their laws to avoid any hassle, delay or additional unnecessary cost. Otherwise you may be able to find templates on from the relevant foreign office or government departments, or failing all that you may be able to find templates on the internet.

FAQs for documents requiring notary public services

If you have questions regarding documents for your intended destination country, please review the frequently asked questions here or call our office on 02 9687 8885 to speak to our notary public.