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If I need certified copies of original documents, do I need to bring my own copies?

No, but you may bring your own copies. If you do not bring copies, we are able to copy most original documents in our office at no additional cost.

However, if your documents are large (ie, larger than A4), complex or bound in any way, we recommend bringing your own copies. You can copy them at any one of the local print shops (ie, MBE Parramatta) which are all in walking distance from our office in Parramatta. If it is too difficult for you to arrange your own copies of ‘large documents’, we can still make arrangements to have them copied by outsourcing them to a local print shop however there will be an additional cost charged to you as a disbursement/out-of-pocket expense.

FAQs for documents requiring notary public services

If you have questions regarding documents for your intended destination country, please review the frequently asked questions here or call our office on 02 9687 8885 to speak to our notary public.