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Are you recognised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade?

Yes. We are registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Due to the large number of documents that we notarise and the frequency that we are notarising documents, DFAT staff are immediately familiar with our signature and seal. We are also recognised directly by a number of foreign consulates and embassies.

Our reputation in providing notary public services ensures that documents that have been notarised by us will generally be recognised without issue – and we stand behind our reputation.

Where is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade?

There is a DFAT office in every capital city. In Sydney, you must lodge your application for an authentication or an apostille at the Sydney Passport Office of DFAT which is located at:

Level 7
26 Lee Street (near Central Station)
Sydney NSW 2000

Please be aware that the Sydney Passport Office is only open between 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday for authentication and apostille.

Other FAQs regarding our notary public services

If you have any other questions regarding our notary public services, please contact our office on 02 9687 8885 to speak with our notary public or visit our other frequently asked questions, also found below: