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Are you the cheapest?

Parramatta Notary Public Sydney - Notary FeesThe short answer is that we try to be. We intentionally keep our notary fees as low and as competitive as possible and sometimes announce specials, promotions and discounts through our email newsletter. But even if we are not the cheapest in terms of price, we are generally the most available, most accessible or the most conveniently located.

If you want a quote for our notary fees, please contact our office on 02 9687 8885 or visit our Notary Fees page.

In our experience, many notary public clients ask us first before shopping around with other notaries, but they always end up coming back because of our highly competitive price and our unbeatable service. Even when other notaries try to undercut our pricing they cannot equal our experience and knowledge of your specific requirements. We are committed to winning your business.

More FAQs regarding our notary fees

Please speak to our friendly lawyers and notary public about our notary fees, or visit our other frequently asked questions: