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Is there a recommended notary fee?

Notary Fee - Free QuotesYes. In NSW, the State Government issues recommended notary fees which are increased from time to time. A copy of the recommended notary fees available from the Society of Notaries of New South Wales, see

Please be aware that notaries are not required to follow the recommended notary fees, and the actual fees charged for notary public services may vary greatly between different notaries and different firms. It is possible that other notaries may even charge more – we do not.

Our notary fees are generally lower than the recommended notary fees

If you want to know more about our notary fees, please contact us for a quote by visiting our Notary Fees page or calling us on 02 9687 8885. Speak to our friendly lawyers and notary public about our notary public services and our notary fees or visit our other frequently asked questions: