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How long does it take to translate my documents?

NAATI Translations - Free QuotesThe time taken to translate your documents largely depends on the nature and length of your documents. We will provide you with a time estimate when we provide you with a quote.

Generally, translations for simple personal documents (ie, birth certificates or marriage certificates) can be made available for collection from our office within 2-3 business days from the date of your order. Please allow for additional time for delivery if you do not want to collect the translated documents from our office.

We appreciate that your request for assistance may be urgent or time sensitive, and so we take all efforts to minimise any possible delay. Also, we select our panel of NAATI accredited translators based on their responsiveness (as well as reliability and the fact that they are reasonably priced), so you can be confident that your translation request will be priortised.

If you would like more information regarding our translation services, please visit our Document Translation page to obtain a quote.

Other FAQs

You can find more information and other frequently asked questions regarding our translation services below: