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Signing Queensland Mortgage Documents in New South Wales

For NSW Residents

If you’ve been asked to sign loan or mortgage documents for property in Queensland, but you live in New South Wales, you may need to sign those documents in front of a lawyer or a notary public.

Different banks, lenders and finance providers sometimes have different requirements for NSW residents when it comes to signing loan and mortgage documents for buying, selling or refinancing property in Queensland. While technically, you could sign these documents in front of a justice of the peace, you may be specifically instructed/required to sign in front of a lawyer or a notary public because of the additional obligations/requirements imposed on witnesses in these transactions.

In addition to verifying your identity when you sign these documents, your witness must also take reasonable steps to ensure that you are entitled to sign and they must keep a record of the steps taken or evidence of your entitlement.

Identity Evidence Required

Documents must be current and could include combinations such as the following:

  • Australian passport + Australian driver’s licence + change of name or marriage certificate, if necessary
  • proof of age card + full birth certificate + Medicare card + change of name or marriage certificate, if necessary
  • Australian evidence of immigration status ImmiCard or Australian migration status ImmiCard + full birth certificate + another form of government-issued identity document + change of name or marriage certificate, if necessary.

Proof of Entitlement to Sign

Adequate evidence could consist of current documents such as:

  • rates notice for the property issued by your local council
  • current title search for the property
  • registration confirmation statement for the property.
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Home > Signing Queensland Mortgage Documents in New South Wales